Australia's forests are a critically valuable resource for regional biodiversity, local economies, watershed protection, carbon cycling, and the land-sea-atmosphere interface. Dendrochronological studies have the potential to provide a strong empirical foundation for understanding the dynamics of Australia's forests and the potential impacts of disturbances and climate variation on them. In addition, dendrochronological studies have the potential to extend the climate record far beyond the instrumental records currently available. By enriching our knowledge of the past, dendrochronological studies can offer important guides to understanding the impacts of future management scenarios and climate variation on Australia's tropical forests. Dendrochronological studies, however, rely on careful examination of radial variation in wood anatomy of individual trees. The mission of OzDendro is to promote the use and integration of dendrochronological studies in forest science in Australia. We will achieve this goal by:

  1. Identifying native Australian tree species with dendrochronological potential
  2. Conducting and disseminating the results of cutting-edge research on forest ecology, disturbance ecology, silviculture, and climate studies using dendrochronology
  3. Providing Australian researchers with a centralized source of information on dendrochronology within Australia.